'The Name That Carries Weight'
     Complete Moving Services 

  •    Conveyor Installation
  •    Conveyor Removal
  •    Emergency 24 hour Service
  •    Export Crating
  •    Heavy Hauling
  •    Machinery Installation
  •    Machinery Relocation
  •    Machinery Removal
  •    Medical Equipment Relocations
  •    Optical Level and Alignment
  •    Overhead Crane Installation
  •    Plant Maintenance
  •    Sculptures Set
  •    Steel Fabrication
  •    Tank Erection
  •    Rigging
  •    Warehousing
  •    Turnkey Movers

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We not only offer great service in loading or unloading, setting, repairing, storing, and hauling but we also are available for consulting with you regarding your needs at no charge to you. 

If a machine should arrive at an untimely schedule for you, when you least expect it, call us.  We will receive, store and deliver to your plant later, when you are ready.

Myers Machinery Movers is also a member of the Specialized Carriers and Riggers AssociationThis international network of similar companies allows us to be able to recommend a reputable company to handle your rigging and machinery moving needs if they are outside of our normal service area.  We can also use these contacts to provide a complete turnkey quotation to relocate your entire facility across the country, if necessary

Myers Machinery Movers, Inc.
Myers Machinery Movers uses the latest technology available for modern machinery and equipment moving.  We offer the most economical price to our customers with regards to time and material or a bid package.

Much of our success in equipment moving, rigging, hauling, and warehouse service is based on repeat business.  Our customers return again and again because they know they can depend on us to get the job done right.

Myers Machinery Movers, Inc
2210 Hardy Parkway
Columbus, Ohio
614-871-8104 fax